You want to learn the basics of the R programming language and how to use the software for econometric analyses? Great! This site could be useful for you. It is about learning how to use the free statistical software R for basic econometric applications and shall provide an intuition of the basic structure of the program and statistical functions, which are needed to pass introductory or intermediate courses in econometrics. The focus is less on the math behind the statistical methods and more on their application, so that newcomers become familiar with the language quickly.

Note: I moved my old page https://econometricswithr.wordpress.com to this site. So there is no need to be confused if you expected the old one.

So, let’s begin with the r(eal) basics.

Recently, I have finished the first version of a below 30 pages introduction to R. It uses an exemplary workflow to explain some basics of the language and the application of the packages dplyr, ggplot2 and openxlsx. The script can be downloaded here.